Be the best you can be!

Enjoy the maximum growth in all aspects of your life: Ability, Learning, Leisure and Spirit


Have Fulfilment and Balance!

Own the perfect job for you and keep that perfect job in the place it should hold in your life while enjoying recognition for what you do


Find success from the inside out!

Attain balance in your physical, mental and emotional well-being


Meet your Human Needs: Certainty, Variety, Love/Connection, Significance, Growth and Contribution!

Experience fulfilling relationships with the important individuals in your life: Family, Friends, Work Associates and your Soul Mate

Business Success

Realize your potential and enjoy your successes in business!

Be recognized for your strengths and commitment

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Create Balance In Your Life

One of the main focuses of Sound Coaching is to enable you to experience that wonderful sensation of being complete. That feeling of the perfect day when you can accomplish anything you choose to do. This is the state of having your life in balance - all aspects of your life operating like the intricate gears of a precision clock.
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Personal Effectiveness

Be The Best You Can Be is where you can work and play each and every day of your life. Experience excellent health through the use of strategic exercise and holistic nutrition practices. Enjoy mental and emotional resilience. With the support of Sound Coaching's programs and coaches you can enjoy the sensation of being in control of your life, not at the effect of it. You will enjoy the power of having all aspects of your life in balance and working for you.
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Educational Supports

Our education is our future whether it be our own education or that of our child's. On our journey we often need some support - connecting with a consultant about our own or our child's educational future, assessment and tutoring to make the way easy and successful, guidance in education and career choices, or study skills help. Sound Coaching can provide the best professional support.
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Our career is one of the most important choices we make in life. It enables us to create a life of fulfillment. It is key to make the right choices whether it is our first career, a change in career or the choice of a career in retirement. Sound Coaching can help you or your child with our excellent support in Career Coaching, Job Search Skills or the evaluation of your work performance to insure your success at work and to realize your full work potential through our Work Personality program. Have the job you love and love the job you have. It is within your grasp, always.
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Enjoy the business you are in whether you are the owner, a manager or one of the other important employees contributing to the daily success of the business. Go to work every day knowing that this is what you want to do. Your work is exciting and totally fulfilling. You are in the perfect job - the one that was designed for you. Our programs and coaches can assist you in feeling this way about your work.

Be the best you can be every day - whether it's personal, relationships, education and training, career or business

Experience success in your life everyday through our programs, strategies and coaching support.

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See what folks are saying about us!

  • Thanks to you, Michael and your associates for your assistance with our university bound son. Thanks to the excellent coaching he received he has made a strong choice in a professional faculty at the University of Toronto and has a great future planned in microbiology.
    Mary J., Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
  • It was wonderful having your support Michael to assist us in getting special education support for our son, Justin. The support he is now receiving is helping amazingly with his Tourettes Syndrome and its effects on him personally and academically.
    John S., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Thanks to Sound Coaching and specifically you, Michael, our teenage daughter is relating much better with her friends and family and doing well in high school.
    Gayle T., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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